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Pre Purchase

How much does it cost for measure and quote service?2020-09-02T10:24:12+10:00

Our Measure and Quote service is Free for all customers. The best way to get started is to contact us via phone or emails and speak to one of our friendly team member to organise a quote.

Do you have a showroom or display?2020-09-02T10:25:26+10:00

Yes, you can visit our display at Home Ideas Centre, Stand No. 108, 1686 Dandenong Rd, Oakleigh East VIC 3166. We are open Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Sat: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM and Sun: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The showroom is unmanned but you can certainly book an appointment at our display if you wish.

Do you provide after hours measure and quote appointments?2020-09-02T10:25:34+10:00

Yes, we try to be as flexible as possible with time. We are able to work till later hours in Summers. We also try and do as many Saturdays as possible.

How much will my blinds cost?2020-09-02T10:25:45+10:00

Everything we supply is custom made. The cost of the product is determined by a combination of size to the mm, material selected and the type of product. Therefore, it is not possible to give one price per blind or square meter rate. But with Ravi Blinds you can rest assured that you will always get bang for your buck.

What is the procedure for placing an order?2020-09-02T10:25:55+10:00

After we have supplied the quote and you are happy with the product, material and price. You can make a 50% deposit and the order will be placed. Also, we need a written confirmation that you are happy to go ahead with the order. The written confirmation can be in the form of email or sms.

Material And Product Selection

Are your products Australian Made?2020-09-02T10:27:29+10:00

We do give utmost importance to locally made products. In saying so not all our products are made locally. We try and balance quality, cost, and availability in deciding our source.

Which is the best product for privacy?2020-09-02T10:27:37+10:00

Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds mounted on the Architrave provide best privacy as a single panel of fabric covers the window when in closed position.

Which is the most popular type of blinds?2020-09-02T10:27:46+10:00

By far, Block out Roller blinds is the most popular product. This is due to its versatility of application,, value for money and the wide range.

What is the best product to reduce noise?2020-09-02T10:27:56+10:00

Not many people know this but window furnishings provide an effective solution to noise reduction. Thick coated curtains work best for theatre rooms etc as the thick fabric absorbs the sound waves. But if you are looking for best blinds for noise reduction, roller and roman blinds would work quite well. As a ule of thumb, the thicker the fabric material, the better noise reduction it provides.

Which blinds will allow me to see out during day and also give me privacy at night?2020-09-02T10:28:20+10:00

Any type of blinds (roller or roman) made from Sheer View fabric provides excellent day time privacy. During the day, you can look outside but someone form outside can not see in. This is due the weave of the fabric.
However, this phenomenon reverses at night. Therefore, a block out blind material would work best for night time privacy.

How can I get maximum light into a small bedroom with a single window?2020-09-02T10:30:21+10:00

The right type of fabric for blinds will be to go for a light filtering fabric, sheer view or translucent. Choice of light filtering fabric will depend upon the privacy requirements. Another quick tip is to fix made to measure mirrors on both window reveals to reflect more natural light into the room.

I have a huge window with excellent views of the beach. I was thinking of getting a sheer view blind for the window but I am confused about what colour I should choose. Please help!2020-09-02T10:30:35+10:00

If maintaining the views is your priority over light penetration, you should choose dark colours. Dark colours in sheer view fabric give a better vision. Colours such as charcoal, pitch for blinds will give you near uninterrupted views.

How should I choose the right colour brackets for my blinds?2020-09-02T10:30:45+10:00

When ordering blinds, choose the bracket/hardware colour to match your blind fabric, if possible. If the bracket colour is not available in the blind fabric colour chosen, match the bracket colour with the architraves of your windows. This way the brackets will blend in with the window frame and not stand out. As an example, for cream or off white roller blinds, choose Birch White brackets.

My son’s bedroom curtains are too thin and let in light. Will lining them make a huge difference?2020-09-02T10:30:54+10:00

Yes. But a simpler solution is to buy a blackout blind to hang behind the curtains.

Delivery And Installation

What is your delivery time?2020-09-02T10:32:22+10:00

The delivery time varies from product to product as well as how busy we are at that point in time. The best thing is to ask your design consultant for the latest turnaround time. On an average standard blinds delivery will be 12-15 working days.

Do I need to take down my old blinds?2020-09-02T10:32:31+10:00

You can take down your old blinds if you want. Alternatively, we can take down your old blinds for you and place it neatly for you to dispose. We do not take away old blinds and curtains.

When will my order be ready for installation?2020-09-02T10:32:39+10:00

As soon as the product manufacturing is complete and outstanding payment is made, installation can be organised at a time that suits you.

How long will it take to install my blinds?2020-09-02T10:32:49+10:00

This depends on the number of blinds and type of blinds. On an average, one blind is installed in approx. 15 minutes.
Having said that blinds at a height or odd locations, may take longer.

Ordering and Payment

What are your methods of payment?2020-09-02T10:33:28+10:00

We do have a range of ways you can pay including, bank transfer, credit or debit card, cheque and cash.

How much deposit do you need?2020-09-02T10:33:59+10:00

There is a 50% deposit and the balance is paid pre delivery or on delivery or install.

Care and Repairs

How do I clean my blinds?2020-09-02T10:36:44+10:00

Cleaning Method of the blinds obviously depends on the type of blinds. Standard roller blinds can just be wiped with damp cloth and then with dry cloth – once a year. Regular dusting is sufficient for maintain the blinds.
Above advice is general only and may vary form one product to another. Always best to refer to the care guide supplied with the blinds which will be product specific.
It is always a good idea to do a spot check if you are using any new chemicals.

Do you repair blinds?2020-09-02T10:37:00+10:00

We only service product that are supplied by us. We cannot service product supplied by other companies. Please refer to warranty information on our website to see whats covered.

How can I revive my old venetian blinds?2020-09-02T10:37:10+10:00

You can revive your old venetian blinds by giving them a good clean and paint them with using aerosol spray paint.

Can I paint a plain roller blind?2020-09-02T10:37:21+10:00

We do not recommend painting your roller blinds.

How do I clean my curtains?2020-09-02T10:40:28+10:00

Generally speaking curtains requires dry cleaning.

How do I clean my plantation shutters?2020-09-02T10:45:42+10:00

Cleaning Method of the shutters obviously depends on the type of shutters. Most shutters can just be wiped with damp cloth and then with dry cloth – once a year. Regular dusting is sufficient for maintain the shutters.

Building or Renovating? We Can Help Furnish Your Windows.

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