Double Curtains

Double curtains are just a combination of two curtains put together. The combinaiton is of two different types of fabric, one being block out and the other being sheer. This curtains can be of different styles but the combination has to be of the same type. Also, not all types of curtains can be combined into double curtains.

Sheers are basically curtains but with a translucent fabric. Of course this is for a purpose. By having a translucent fabric it allows for the light to come in but at the same time give you day time privacy. This also helps in filtering UV rays and protects your furniture. The level on UV filtration is based on the fabric used so always a good idea to find this out when purchasing your new sheers. This also means that while protecting the furniture your sheers will be facing the sun directly which will cause it’s damage over a period of time. This is worthwhile when you have really expensive curtains in front.

Also, one more thing to remember is that sheers do allow light to come in during the day while giving you privacy but during the night time it works the other way round. You will be able to see in from outside as there is light inside but you won’t be able to to see out as it’s dark outside. So it important that you have block out curtains for night time privacy.

Double curtains can be made using several heading styles. The options are as below:

S Fold Curtains And Sheers

With S Fold style the track projection is a little more then the rest but it finishes really well. Due to this style is popular when doing double curtains. With S Fold you can have sheers at the back and a nice block out curtain in the front i.e. facing the room. Also, you can have a nice sheer curtain in the front i.e. facing the room and have a lining block out curtain in the back. This combination will also help reduce the cost for the whole setup.

Pleated Curtains and Sheers

Pleated style curtains have always been the most popular heading style when it comes to double or dual curtains. One of the main reason being it occupies less space. Amongst pleated style, triple pleat, double pleat and continuous pleat are the most commonly used as well when it comes to double or dual curtains.

In a double curtain system there are two curtains, block out curtain and sheer. The block out curtains are either block out fabric with back coating, standard fabric or block out lining. The sheer which is the second curtain in the system is made from sheer fabric. The types of fabrics are further explained below.

Block Out Fabric with Back Coating

This type of fabric has a coating at the back which makes it block out. If the fabric didn’t have the coating then by itself it will be a translucent fabric or will allow certain amount of light to pass. With this type of fabric one doesn’t need to add lining to the curtains as the coating blocks light and heat/cold.

Standard Fabric without Back Coating

These type of fabrics don’t have back coating and is not block out as it will allow a certain amount of light and heat/cold. Most fabrics in the market will fall into this category. For this fabric to block out light, a lining has to be added.

Block Out Lining

A lining is a simple and plain fabric, mostly white colour. This fabric has a back coating or is very thick making it a block out fabric i.e. blocking light and heat/cold. A lining is added to a curtain to made with standard fabric to make it block out. A lining can also be used by itself to make a plain curtains.

Sheer Fabric

A sheer fabric is a see through fabric with varied amount of transparency. It can be plain or with patterns and colours. Sheer curtains are very popular right now. Pleated sheer curtains can be combined with blinds or even block out curtains.

There are three major types of operation for curtains and sheers

Hand Drawn

Curtains and sheers can be operated with out any cords and by hands. This is the oldest way of operating curtains and sheers. There are no cords required. One can open the curtains to whatever point one wants.

Cord Drawn

Cord control curtains and sheers are operated through a cord mechanism which is built into the track. By using a cord mechanism the fabric doesn’t come in contact with hand, reducing the chance of soiling the fabric. The curtains and sheers can be opened or closed by standing in one location.


This system uses a motor on the track to open or close the curtains. Types of motors and suppliers of motors vary a lot. The motors can be hard wired, battery operated of solar operated. Very good option is the sheers are unreachable to operate or at the height.

Since the early 1990s at least 15 young Australian children have tragically died as a result of unfortunate strangulation incidents involving blinds cords and chains.

Australian Child Safety law requires all blinds retailers to supply child safety devices with all kinds of curtains which have loose cords and chains hanging. It is ones own responsibility to make sure that the child safety cleat is installed and any loose cords/chains are wrapped. Warning Stickers supplied with the blinds should never be removed.

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