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Roman Blinds offer a clean cut look that is ideal for today’s modern décor choice. Roman Blinds can be mounted on the inside of the window frame or on the outside of the window frame, on the wall or the architraves. Some of the main advantages of choosing roman blinds for your windows are as follows:

Excellent Insulation: When made in blockout fabrics, they provide excellent insulation to a room. Roman Blinds keep the temperatures inside a room stable by keeping the heat out during summers and keeping it warm inside during winters. This creates energy efficiency which transforms into lower energy costs.

Uncluttered Look: You can have a clean look with roman blinds. Roman blinds can blend in with the décor and this lets the other elements in the room shine.

Adjusts with your room arrangement: With Roman Blinds, you do not need to move the furniture to accommodate the blinds, like with curtains. They operate seamlessly, blending in without having to make any alterations to your room layout.

Easy to operate:Roman Blinds are fairly easy to operate. Just operate the chain or cord to open or close the blind.

Operation Gear is hidden: With Roman Blinds the operation gear is hidden behind the blind. This way the ugly cords/chains do not draw any attention lending a nice sophistication overall.

Match It With Curtains: If you love the soft look of curtains and the practicality of blinds, now you can have the best of both the worlds by having the roman blind made in curtain fabrics. Or you can choose to have curtains for the large window/door and have the curtain fabric made into roman blinds for the smaller windows. This way you can keep the same styling and yet have the convenience you want.

So if you are convinced that Roman Blinds are the way to go for furnishing your windows…read further to understand the various options you have in terms of style, fabric selection and operation method.

There are many types of Roman Blinds available. They are:

1. Classic Roman Blinds: Manufactured by stitching a small pocket on the back of the blind. Cords are passed through the PVC rings which create the folding action when the cords/chains are operated.

Advantage: Cheapest style as compared to the other two.

Tip: Roman Blinds need some time to settle after installation. The creases will smooth out over time, so don’t panic when you install and have a few visible lines on the fabric.

2. Sewless Roman Blinds: Also known as ‘no holes’ as the name suggests, the fabric is tucked in without any stitching. An Aluminium extrusion is inserted at the back of the blind to create the folds.

Advantage: Ideal for blockout blinds as there are no holes through which light can seep in. There are no threads visible on the folds.

Tip: Always install the child safety cleat and wind the loose cord/chain.

3. Plantation Roman Blinds: These are the Roman Blinds which can make a proper style statement. Timber battens, available in multiple colours, divide the plain fabric at the intervals where the folds are created. Both sides of the fabrics have the battens in round and flat profile.

Advantage: They lend a certain character to the blinds, making the room more interesting, décor wise. The battens are attached on the back side of the blinds as well, making it visible from the outside as well.

Tip: Match the colour of the timber battens to the existing wooden elements of your décor.

The above Roman Blinds can be made into different types of fabrics (depending upon your light and privacy requirements) and mechanisms (as explained in the below sections).

With the wide range of fabrics available today you can choose to have the Roman Blinds to blend in with your existing décor and wall colours or to define a colour scheme by providing pops of colour to the room. The types of fabrics are usually divide by the amount of light they allow into the room.

1. Blockout Roman Blinds: Roman Blinds can be made in to blockout fabrics which are 100% blockout and do not allow any light inside a room. They act as best insulators and even reduce the amount of noise that enters a room.

Advantage: Provide complete privacy to a room when in closed position.

Tip: When choosing the colour, put the sample fabruc against the window as the colour usually appears to be darker when the light hits the fabric.

2. Sheer View Roman Blinds: If you are after Roman Blinds that will allow you to see outside whereas someone from outside cannot look inside, you can choose the sheerview roman blinds. They filter the light inside a room and provide day time privacy. They also cut the glare thus providing better vision on your telly or computer screens.

Advantage: Enjoy uninterrupted views even when the blinds are in closed position.

Tip: Choose a dark colour if you want clearer vision. Go for a lighter colour if reflecting maximum light is your priority.

3. Translucent Roman Blinds: Ideal if you are after roman blinds that are room darkening. Translucent roman blinds are light filtering blinds which may not necessarily provide vision. Translucent blinds’ fabrics do not have any back coating.

Advantage: Perfect for dark rooms which require as much daylight as possible. Also provide complete privacy on either sides of the blinds.

Tip: Generally all translucent fabrics are also available in the complete blockout range. Choose fabrics based on your light requirements, whilst maintaining the same look throughout your house.

4. Designer Roman Blinds: If you are happy spending the extra buck to get a soft luxurious look, roman blinds made from curtain fabrics are sure to impress you. Designer Roman Blinds are made from Curtain fabrics with a three pass suede lining attached to create a complete blockout.

Advantage: Get the practicality of blinds with the soft look of the curtains.

Tip: Team is with curtains in a room to keep the same look throughout the space.

Roman Blinds can be manufactured with two types of mechanism options, Cord and Chain. Beyond a certain size, chain control is required as a default.

1. Cord Control Mechanism: Cord Control mechanism is widely used for roman blinds below a certain size. Pull the cord and tilt at an angle to open the blind. Wind the cord in a child safety cleat to maintain the position.

2. Chain Control Mechanism: Looped chain is installed with the head gear which can operated to open or close the roman blinds. Smoother operation as compared to cord operation. It is ideally suggested to go for a chain control mechanism for large size roman blinds.

Since the early 1990s at least 15 young Australian children have tragically died as a result of unfortunate strangulation incidents involving blinds cords and chains.

Australian Child Safety law requires all blinds retailers to supply child safety devices with all kinds of blinds which have loose cords and chains hanging. It is ones own responsibility to make sure that the child safety cleat is installed and any loose cords/chains are wrapped. Warning Stickers supplied with the blinds should never be removed.

Below is the most common type of child safety device which is very simple to use.

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