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Custom Made Curtains

We offer a range of curtains whether you are after Block Out Curtains, Sheer Curtains or even Pelmets and Swags and Tails to complement the curtains. We have a very extensive range of fabrics to offer as well. We do a wide variety of styles including the most popular S-Fold Curtains, Pleated Curtains (Triple Pleat Curtains, Double Pleat Curtains, Pencil Pleat Curtains or Continuous Pleat Curtains, Inverted Pleat Curtains or Box Pleat Curtains), Eyelet Curtains and Tab Top Curtains. Please find below the major styles of curtains and other complementary products as well.

S-Fold Curtains And Sheers


S-Fold Curtains are one of the most popular curtains. They look very neat and modern and are very easy to operate. The fold is created due to the space between the two carriers. There are no pinch on the fabric.


Pleated Sheers are made by folding and stitching the top. The stitch varies based on the style, it could be a triple pleat, double pleat or pencil pleat. The gap between the stitch is pretty much standard. This can be hung on a rod using rings or even on a track.

Pleated Curtains And Sheers
Eyelet Curtains And Sheers


Eyelet curtains are called so due to the rings fitted on the top of the curtain representing “eyes”. This curtain can only be fitted with a rod as the rod passes through all the rings. Beautiful simple style with a unique feature.

Tab Tops

Tab top curtains are similar to eyelet curtains except it have straps instead of rings. Now the straps are an add-on which creates gaps between the two of them. All you see is the fabrics so you can have a nice rod with beautiful finals to complement the texture and colour on the fabric.

Tab Top Curtains And Sheers
Double Curtains

Double Curtains

Double curtains are just a combination of two curtains put together. The combinaiton is of two different types of fabric, one being block out and the other being sheer. This curtains can be of different styles but the combination has to be of the same type.


Pelmets can of course be used with curtains but they can also be used with different types of blinds maybe just to make it more interesting. They also come in different types, one is bonded pelmet and the other is padded pelmet. They can also be shaped or straight.

Swags and Tails

Swags and Tails

Swags and tails have been around for a very long time. As times and trends change swags and tails have slowly been going away from the market. One of the reason is the dominance of blinds in the market and the other is that swags and tails are quite expensive and hard to maintain.

Building or Renovating? We Can Help Furnish Your Windows.

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