Pelmets can of course be used with curtains but they can also be used with different types of blinds maybe just to make it more interesting. They also come in different types, one is bonded pelmet and the other is padded pelmet. They can also be shaped or straight.

Straight pellet is of course straight at the bottom and a shaped one has a certain shaped at the bottom. These shapes are used to blend the pellet with the rest of the interior.

Bonded Pelmets

Bonded palmer is one which is made with the first layer being the base of the pelmet and above which we have the decorating fabric. This looks a lot simpler than the other one and is often used with different types of blinds as well.

Padded Pelmets

Padded pellet has three layers. First one of course is the base of the pelmet which is often made from timber. Then comes the padding which give it a nice and soft look and then comes the decorating fabric. The fabric is most often matched with the curtain or is the same as the curtain.

Since the early 1990s at least 15 young Australian children have tragically died as a result of unfortunate strangulation incidents involving blinds cords and chains.

Australian Child Safety law requires all blinds retailers to supply child safety devices with all kinds of curtains which have loose cords and chains hanging. It is ones own responsibility to make sure that the child safety cleat is installed and any loose cords/chains are wrapped. Warning Stickers supplied with the blinds should never be removed.

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