Roller Blinds are practical and durable types of blinds with simple clean lines. They are made with highly durable fabrics which are easy to maintain. Roller blinds can be made from Blockout, Light Filtering or Sunscreen Fabrics. Roller Blinds are one of the most popular type of blinds, hands down.

Following are the advantages of Roller Blinds:

Economical Product

Roller Blinds are one of the most economical type of blinds to dress your windows. If you are on a tight budget, the value for money offered by roller blinds is quite exemplary. You can get good quality roller blinds at a reasonable price and they look aesthetically good as well.

Due to this, they are an excellent option when in the market for blinds for first home. We understand that when you purchase a new home, there are one million other expenses. Having said that, covering windows is essential too. So, we at Ravi Blinds, offer a wide range of roller blinds which will tick all the boxes for you when purchasing blinds for new home.

Excellent Privacy

Block out Roller Blinds fitted on architraves are considered one of the best options when achieving privacy for your room is the main concern. Since roller blinds in closed position have complete coverage of the full window, privacy is excellent. For best results, install them on the architraves of the window to ensure full coverage. Unlike Venetian Blinds or Vertical Blinds, the fabric is in one piece with no gaps etc. For obvious reasons, Block out Roller Blinds are the best choice within the roller blinds range. If you are looking to achieve privacy as well as need light in the room, Translucent Blinds would work best. Translucent fabrics don’t allow vision through them but filter light in a room.

Good For Large Windows

Roller Blinds can be made in width equivalent to its maximum fabric width. Most Roller Blinds fabric come in upto 3000mm or 3 metres of width. In case your window is larger than that, there are other options available too. You can install multiple blinds side by side or should you wish to reduce the gap in between two blinds, ‘linked brackets for roller blinds’ can be used.

Contact Ravi Blinds to work out the best solution for your large windows.

Fantastic Insulation

Since Roller Blinds have full coverage without any gaps, they provide fantastic insulation. Block out blinds are the best blinds for insulation since they have thick fabric. In summers, block out blinds cut down the harsh sun rays entering the home and thus keeping the house cool. In winters, block out roller blinds helps keep the house warm as the heat is not lost through windows.

Great Insulation for windows also means reduced energy bills. With Roller Blinds closed, it is quicker to heat and cool your home in winters and summers, respectively.

Easy to Maintain

Since most roller blinds are made from Polyester based fabric, they are extremely easy to maintain. Most roller blinds cleaning only involves dusting regularly and wiping with damp cloth once a year. It is best to follow the cleaning instructions that come with the blinds as they will be specific to the material used.

In case of any stains, best to do spot test in an inconspicuous location when using any new cleaning materials. Additionally, the accessories of roller blinds like the chain, bottom rail and brackets are basic thus easy to maintain as well. Due to this attribute, roller blinds are perfect type of blinds for investment properties. They will always look good and you can have peace of mind, that the tenants would not easily get them dirty.

Stays Clear Off The Window

If you have a nice view from your window, roller blinds work very well as when they are in open position, they get completely off the window. They provide you unobstructed view when open. The fabric of the roller blinds rolls on the top tube, thus staying clear off the window.

Multiple Options for Installation – Inside & Outside the Window Frame

Roller blinds are very versatile as they can be installed 2 ways:

Inside Mount: Installing the Roller Blinds inside the architrave is possible. This gives your windows a nice flush finish. Sa for example you would like to install sheer curtains and block out roller blinds, you can do so by installing the roller blinds on the inside of the window frame with sheers fitted on the window frame for a perfect finish.

Outside Mount: Other option for installing roller blinds is on the window frame. Installing roller blinds on the window frames means full coverage with no side gaps. Roller blinds come with brackets which can be installed inside or outside the frame.

Variety Of Fabric Options

Roller Blinds are available in a wide variety of fabrics to choose everyone’s choice and needs. From plain fabrics to patterned fabrics – you are sure to find the one that meets your choice and requirements. Since roller blinds come in different variants like block out fabric, translucent fabric, and sheer view fabric – it is easier to dress your windows. Moreover, in terms of colours and patterns they are available to suit a neutral décor or to stand out.

High Durability

Since they are easy to operate and maintain – roller blinds have one of the highest durability when compared to other blinds or window furnishing types.

Easy To Operate

Roller blinds are considered one of the simplest blinds to operate. Jus pull the chain and the blinds open and close. Larger size roller blinds come with a spring assist which means it is smooth to open and close.

You can even choose to motorise roller blinds an operate it without lifting your finger. Attributing to the above advantages and many more, Roller Blinds are one of the most Versatile choice of blinds. Visit our Products page to know more:

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